About me

I am glad to welcome you on my website devoted to traveling.  My name is Uliana, I am 30 years old and as you may guess I am fond of exploring this big and incredible world. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and I am living and working there between my travels. I am sorry for my English which is far away from perfect, but I hope it will not disturb you much and you will find my articles and stories interesting and informative.

You are more than welcome to write me about my mistakes and your suggestions.

For now I have visited 36 countries:

Albania - Austria - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Byelorussia - Cambodia -  Croatia - Czech Republic - France - Georgia - Germany - Hungary - IcelandIndia - Indonesia - Italy - Laos - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Montenegro - Myanmar - Nepal - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Switzerland - Serbia -  Thailand - Turkey - Vietnam

I know many people aren't interested in stories of unknown travellers. It's really boring to read long texts about this and that.
I will try to avoid too much unnecessary details and insert as much photos as I can (photos are much more informative sometimes, I know).
I just want to share my experience and feelings with those who are seeking such information. 

For the last 10 year I have been travelling with my beloved friend, whose name is Sergii. To be honest it was he who instilled in me a love for travelling. At first we traveled by train around our country Ukraine. I am fond of castles, especially ruins. So we explore Ukraine far and wide in pursuit of new castles and ruins.

We in India, 2015

(By the way if you would like to visit Ukraine, I will be glad to help you to choose the most interesting and worth-visiting places)

Later we decided to widen our travelling territory and go abroad. Our first foreign country was Czech Republic. When the father of my friend gifted him a twenty years old Renault we decided to travel by car. So our travelling by car in Europe began. We equipped our car with “bed”, so we could sleep there. To make our trips cheaper we lived in campings (we found out about Camping card  that give a discount during low periods). Due to that fact that we’ve learnt how to spend less money we could travel for several months.

But you know… Travelling is like drugs. We need more and more and soon Europe was not enough for us and we began to ponder over travelling to Asia..

It was hard enough to dare to this. First of all because we got used to our car a lot. Travelling without a car was hardly imagined…. Yes it was kind of challenge for us to go to Asia, but we did it. We visited Thailand, cross Vietnam from North to South by train, went around Bali by scooter and rent a car on Java… We spent two months and a half in three different countries and fell in love with Asia. So our new challenge for ourselves was travelling to India…

I hope I will write about each of our trips in future, both around Europe and around Asia.

I will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding my traveling experience. Please, ask the questions below the post, in the comments! This may help other travellers as well!

If you want to share with me some suggestions you are welcome to write me: mytravelexperience.com@gmail.com

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