Day 3 in Lisbon

Lavra funicular - Rua Garett - Bica funicular - Sao Bento Palace

Today was exactly that kind of a day when a lot of things happened but there is not too much to write about. In the morning I departed for the walking, I didn’t have exact plan and decided to let things slide by their own.

I went down to the avenue da Liberdade, and from their turn to see the Lavra funicular. Lavra funicular is the oldest among funiculars in Lisbon, its way is 188 meters long and the angle of ascent is almost 23%. So I tried myself and went up by foot - it was not too hard.

You could use your Viva card in every funicular in Lisbon. If you buy tickets on board it will cost 3.60 euro (otherwise only 1.40 euro if use viva card, or for free with Lisbon card).

Lavra funicular is opened from 7.00am till 9 pm (on Sundays from 9am)

After the ascent I continued walking by narrow, very picturesque and steep streets up to the Figueira square.

There is something like a small fair in the center of the  Figueira square. Craftsmen sell different stuff there, like bags made of cork, some home-made cheese and meat, etc.

Then I went to the Rua Garett where there are many stores of the famous (and not so famous) brands. Continue walking I accidentally found one pretty place called “Manteigaria Fabrica De Pasteis de Nata”, where I tried very tasty (almost that much tasty as in cafe Pastéis de Belém) pastel de nata (warm, with sugar and cinnamon as it should be).

Manteigaria Fabrica De Pasteis de Nata is situated on Rua do Loreto 2. It is small cafe where you can buy only cafe and pastels de nata, but it worth visiting at least because you could watch there the whole process of making this delicious Portuguese desert.

One more picture of pastel de nata, this time how it looks like cutaway.

Continued walking on Rua do Loreto, I saw the way where Bica funicular should go (nowadays it is closed).

After a little bit of wanderings I finally went out to the Rua de Sao Bento where I saw the Sao Bento palace. Many days ago there was a Benedictine monastery, but after the extinction of religious orders it became the place where Portuguese parliament gathers.

On the way home I saw one of the street art picture, that are scattered around the town and are really very…. nice.

My budget lunch - pie with a meat for 0.50 euro bought in supermarket, tomatoes and glass of beer for 0.50 euro as well.

At the evening I decided to have a walk around night Lisbon. City is amazing when the sun set down. Again I was walking to one of the best places in Lisbon  - Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcantara, with breathtaking views over night city.

Then I descended by the narrow street where the Gloria funicular goes and by the Avenueda Liberdade came back home…

But that is not the end of the story… While I was cooking my dinner (frying frozen vegetables) one of my flatmates (in the apartment I rent I am the only tourist, all others live their for a long term as a students) Stefano suggested me to go to the party with him and two other girls. I don’t know why, but I agreed :)

So at night I was dancing in the Portuguese party somewhere in the Bairo Alto…. Coming back home in the morning we continued talking. I really liked Stefano and Anna (girl from Brazil). It seemed we have known each other for years…

Yeah, my route of the day

And my daily budget:

Room - 20 euro
Pastel de nata - 1 euro
2 bottles of water + 2 patty in Dia supermarket - 1,25
Bottle of beer and half of anans - 1,25
Taxi from the party - 4,50

Total: 28 euro
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