Driving around Iceland: Day 12


We drove half a day from Akureyri  to our first destination, Hvammstangi area that is well-known for seal watching. When we turned on the right road worsen and worsen and eventually we drove by the dirt road. We were afraid to damage our car (we dreamt a lot it was not rent car, but our own…. so that we didn’t afraid to damage it), so we didn’t drive far from Hvammstangi town.

Probably that is why we didn’t see many seals, only a few who were swimming far from the shore. 

You could check this website for seal watching locations and best time to do that.

There were many different birds as well.

Almost in the midnight we drove to the camping Saeberg (65.258943°, -21.105771°) that we liked a lot. There is hostel as well there and a big house for campers with big panoramic windows, tables and oven (where we cooked something for dinner).

Everybody was sleeping and it seems that we were alone there. There is a hot outdoor bath (that became a cool one by that time, unfortunatelly so we didn't sit there for a long time).

We put our tent behind the building as it was rather strong wind.

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