Traveling to Albania: Day 1

Rozafa castle-Shkoder-Lake Shkodra Resort

We came to Albania from Montenegro.  We easily and quickly crossed the border between two countries (policeman took our passports and technical passport of the car in one window and gave it back in another with Albanian stamps).

Our first destination in Albania was Rozafa castle, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Albania. There is a free parking for car just in few meters from the entrance to the castle (don’t be afraid, at the end road became very narrow and made of cobblestones, just continue moving until you see the parking). We neither  exchange the money, nor withdraw it, but there was no problem to buy ticket for euro (entrance fee is 200 lek or 1.5 euro per person).

Wall of Rozafa castle

There are great views on Shkoder lake and city of Shkoder from the walls.

The castle is huge - it consists of three yards. There are some boards with information about buildings in the castle from which we may guess what this or that building was in the years when castle was not ruined like nowadays….

Ruined cathedral

Jumping over the cistern

Second yard of Rozafa castle

Third yard of castle with palace where Venetian ruler lived

Secret exit from castle

Tunnel between two yards

Many tourists arrived while we were exploring the castle. Fortunately we arrived earlier.

After we walked around the castle, found secret exit from the fortress and go up on each possible wall we continued our traveling to the first campsite in Albania, Lake Shkodra Resort. But first we drove through city of Shkoder, searching for the supermarket to restock our food supplies.

Finally we decided to park our car and made a short walk by the vibrant street, but still there were no supermarket as we expected, only small local shops. In one of such shop we bought a beer brewed in Kosovo for 80 lek (0.6 euro) and then we bought two cuts of pizza for lunch.

We moved further to the camping that was beyond our expectations.

Camping has a very lovely territory just by the lakeside, with some shadow places. Toilet facilities are modern and very comfortable.

There is free wifi, free sunbeds where you could enjoy the views on the lake, restaurant with moderate prices and many travelers!

Living in the campsite

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