Traveling to Albania
Our itinerary of traveling in Albania   We spent in Albania 8 days, drove 965 km and I could say we moved rather quickly. I would like to stay one more day in Berat and we didn't visited... read more →
Driving around Iceland for 15 days
Trip to Iceland is one of the most unforgettable and exciting among our travels. We planned it for several years, first dreaming about crossing North Sea by ferry, but then we declined this plan due to... read more →
Budget travel to Lisbon
I have been dreaming about travelling to Lisbon since I have read a book “Night train to Lisbon” by Pascal Mercier.This book impressed me a lot. Lisbon is a city of ocean wind that pleasantly... read more →
Backpacking in India
We were planing to visit India for a long time. I read a lot of blogs - both terrifying and exciting. I understand that people who visited India can be divided into three categories - those who fall in... read more →
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