Driving around Iceland for 15 days

Trip to Iceland is one of the most unforgettable and exciting among our travels. We planned it for several years, first dreaming about crossing North Sea by ferry, but then we declined this plan due to the very high prices for ferry and many extra days spending on the road to Denmark and then in the sea itself (those days  I had a job and that’s why I had limited amount of days for vacations). 

One day I found out that Germanwings has flights to Reykjavík - this was the day when we started to ponder over trip to Iceland with renewed energy.

Our rough itinerary around Iceland

There were several important issues for us in planning this trip. First of all Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, that’s why we thoroughly searching for the cheapest car for rent, found out about campsites, etc.

There is a camping card in Iceland (you can find more information here) that costs 105 EUR (in 2015 year) and allows two adults and 4 children to spend 28 nights for free in any of 42 campsites around the Iceland. Sounds good!

I don’t remember why we eventually didn’t buy this card. Most of the Iceland campsites don’t have reception as ones all over Europe. You pay for campsite to the man who comes in the evening or in the morning. It was common situation when we arrived late at night and left campsite early in the morning, so we didn’t pay for campsite at all many times (it happened not on purpose of course :)

If you are interesting on how much money we spent in Iceland here are our budget and some statistic. All prices are indicated for two of us.

We rode 2364 kilometers and spent 183 euro for fuel (it costs 1.47 euro per liter in 2013 year)

We spent 192 euro for accommodation, for 13 nights. Two nights we stayed in “hotels”.

We spent 123 euro for food, that we bought only in the supermarkets. 

We spent 131 euro for sightseeing. Actually all places of interest such as waterfalls, etc  were free of charge. We pay only for swimming pools that costs in average 7 euro per two person and for tour to isolated cape to see puffins.

We spent 500 euro to rent a car in Sixt (using web site http://www.economycarrentals.com/). The price for car was 350 euro, and 150 euro we paid for improved insurance (from scratches, etc).

We spent 890 euro to get to Iceland (tickets for airplane costs 720 euro for 2 person round trip and tickets for train to Moscow from Kiev costs 170 euro)

Totally we spent 2019 euro for 15 days in Iceland for two person. 

Driving around Iceland: Day 1 (Moscow - Reykjavík)
Driving around Iceland: Day 1 (Moscow - Reykjavík)
We flew to Iceland from Moscow with low cost airlines Germanwings that unfortunately doesn’t operate in Ukraine.  read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 2 (Reykjavík)
Driving around Iceland: Day 2 (Reykjavík)
In the morning after checkout we went to the office of Sixt (that is situated at the edge of Reykjavík, but still in walking distance) to rent the car (that we booked in advance while planning our trip using very nice website) read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 3 (Reykjavík - Perlan)
Driving around Iceland: Day 3 (Reykjavík - Perlan)
This day we spent in Reykjavík walking around the town. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 4 (Reykjavik seafront - Hallgrimskirkja)
Driving around Iceland: Day 4 (Reykjavik seafront - Hallgrimskirkja)
In the morning we came to walk along the seafront again. It’s very beautiful there. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 5 (Reykjavik)
Driving around Iceland: Day 5 (Reykjavik)
Hooray, today is our lucky day – finally we received the driving license! We came to the Sixt office again, to rent a car (this time was more successful than previous one :) read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 6 (Kerid lake – Geysir – Gullfoss – Faxi - Hjalparfoss)
Driving around Iceland: Day 6 (Kerid lake – Geysir – Gullfoss – Faxi - Hjalparfoss)
This is the day when we finally went on a trip around Iceland, day of waterfalls and good weather. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 7 (Seljalandsfoss – Skogafoss – aircraft wreck - Dyrholaey)
Driving around Iceland: Day 7 (Seljalandsfoss – Skogafoss – aircraft wreck - Dyrholaey)
Today our first destination was waterfall Seljalandsfoss. Falling 65 meters over an old sea cliff, Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall that you can walk behind. So you could witness the waterfall from all angles. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 8 (Fjadrargljufur canyon – Dverghamrar - Vatnajokull glacier)
Driving around Iceland: Day 8 (Fjadrargljufur canyon – Dverghamrar - Vatnajokull glacier)
On the way to our first destination, Fjadrargljufur canyon, we saw lava fields. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 9 (Svartifoss – puffins – Fjallsjokull - Jokulsarlon)
Driving around Iceland: Day 9 (Svartifoss – puffins – Fjallsjokull - Jokulsarlon)
It was raining in the morning, but we got accustomed to such weather in Iceland. So we packed all our stuff into the car (wet tent, sleeping bags, electric range, etc) and went to our first destination point  - Svartifoss waterfall by foot, as we lived in the camping near the visitor center. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 10 (Seydisfjordur - Dettifoss)
Driving around Iceland: Day 10 (Seydisfjordur - Dettifoss)
In the morning we went to the swimming pool.  read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 11 (Namafjall – Krafla – Leirhnjukur – Dimmuborgir – Godafoss - Akureyri)
Driving around Iceland: Day 11 (Namafjall – Krafla – Leirhnjukur – Dimmuborgir – Godafoss - Akureyri)
(This is a day with a big amount of photos, especially in orange tones and less amount of words :) So we woke up and understand that midges still fly in huge amounts everywhere. People were wearing mosquito nets on their head… First we drove to the Namafjall geothermal area, but there were too much midges there, that it was impossible to walk around. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 12 (Hvammstangi)
Driving around Iceland: Day 12 (Hvammstangi)
We drove half a day from Akureyri  to our first destination, Hvammstangi area that is well-known for seal watching. When we turned on the right road worsen and worsen and eventually we drove by the dirt road. We were afraid to damage our car (we dreamt a lot it was not rent car, but our own…. so that we didn’t afraid to damage it), so we didn’t drive far from Hvammstangi town. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 13 (Grabrok - Deildartunguhver - Vidgelmir cave - Hraunfossar)
Driving around Iceland: Day 13 (Grabrok - Deildartunguhver   - Vidgelmir cave - Hraunfossar)
We had a breakfast in the very nice campsite’s house and after this it was time to go on. read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 14 (Gardskagi - Hafnaberg Cliffs - Blue lagoon - Krysuvikurberg - Krysuvik)
Driving around Iceland: Day 14 (Gardskagi - Hafnaberg Cliffs - Blue lagoon  - Krysuvikurberg - Krysuvik)
This was long long day, our last but one day in Iceland.... The weather was perfect, it was sunny and warm! We feel that every new day brings more and more tourists to Iceland, we  were happy that we decided to travel around this country at the begining of the tourist season.  read more →
Driving around Iceland: Day 15 (Raufarholshellir lava cave)
Driving around Iceland: Day 15 (Raufarholshellir lava cave)
Our final day in Iceland… On the way to Reykjavík  we found one more lava cave, Raufarholshellir. read more →