Driving around Iceland: Day 7

Seljalandsfoss – Skogafoss – aircraft wreck - Dyrholaey

Today our first destination was waterfall Seljalandsfoss. Falling 65 meters over an old sea cliff, Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall that you can walk behind. So you could witness the waterfall from all angles.

Weather in Iceland is very unstable. There was sunny morning but when we reached the waterfall small rain began. One of the most useful cloths in Iceland is raincoat.  We bought two raincoats of the good quality and they always saved our strolls under the rain in Iceland.

Behind Seljalandsfoss

After we made a circle around Seljalandsfoss  waterfall we went to see next waterfall – Skogafoss

Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, and falls from the former sea cliffs as well as Seljalandsfoss. 

Where Seljalandsfoss waterfall begins

There is a hiking path at the easternt part of the waterfall that leads to the top of the waterfall. It is possible to trek further to the glaciers but the weather was not very good so we decided to return and continue our trip inside the car.

Our next destination was aircraft wreck in the heart of the black deserted beach. 

For about 3.5 kilometers we went through this endless field. At that moment I understand that distance seems much more bigger if nothing changes on the path. I had the feeling that I just move my legs but stand still as there were no alterations...

But finally after about 40 minutes of walking we saw a white spot on the horizont…. 

Yeah, that’s it. It is not much left of the aircraft, but still it is impresive scene.   

This is how United States Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane looks like now, since it’s crach in 1973.

We left our car on the free parking and went to explore the breathtaking nature of the Dyrholaey. Dyrholaey is famous for its birds, especially puffins. Unfortunatelly, we didn’t saw any puffin there, but anyway this place is worth visiting for sure.  

We arrived a little bit late to Dyrholaey, so we were in a hurry because at 18 (or 19, I don’t remember exactly) Dyrholaey is closed to the public. Frankly speaking, I didn't understand what are opening hours of Dyrholaey. It seems to me it may vary depends on birds life and some other factors. That day there was a plate that inform us that we should leave Dyrholaey before 18.

On the road

After Dyrholaey we went to the camping. 

Road in Iceland.

Our dinner in the camping – omlet with vegetables.

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