Places to visit in Albania

Top 5 destinations in Albania

I decided to make a top-list of places we visited in Albania. It was really hard to sort them, as I like all of the destinations from this list almost equally. Please keep in mind that this list is absolutely subjective. But as for me you shouldn’t miss any of the places described below if you are planning to visit Albania :)

N.B. There are also other places not so popular and breathtaking, but we still liked them. If you are interesting in our traveling around Albania, please check our full story.
  1. Albanian alps

    When planning trip to Albania, I didn’t expect that this is such a mountainous country. Mountains in Albania are wild and still keep the filing of solitude and unity with nature.

    Trekking in Albanian Alps

    Our adventure to the mountains was full of surprises. We successfully drove along 15 km unpaved road with our 2WD car and found a secluded village Theth hidden in the valley surrounded by marvelous mountains. You could read the whole story about our day of hiking around Albanian alps.

  2. Berat

    Berat   became my favorite city in Albania. What a pity that we spent there only one night and day. Castle of Berat is superb, it’s like small town inside the walls with its own churches, houses, narrow streets.  

    Inside the castle of Berat

    Where did we live and how we spend our time in Berat read here.

  3. Gjirokaster

    This city lies in the picturesque valley and boasts one of the largest castles in the Balkans, which is included in the UNESCO list. Beside the castle, Gjirokaster has small, but nice and cosy old city center with old traditional houses and cold war tunnel museum.

    View over the city of Gjirokaster from the castle walls

    If you are interesting in what we see, where we lived and what we ate in Gjirokaster - read our story.

  4. Rozafa castle

    Rozafa castle  – one of the most popular destinations in Albania, this big fortress on the hill really worth visiting. Beside the big territory with many ruined building preserved, there are amazing views from the castle walls over Shkodra lake and city.

    Third yard, called citadel in Rozafa castle

    Find more photos and the whole story about our trip to Rozafa castle here.

  5. Beaches of Ksamil

    Well, beaches are really nice with blue water, white sand and lovely views on the islands scattered in the sea. There are many restaurants and bars as well, thus beaches are overcrowded and not the best place to relax…

    One of the Ksamil beaches. Low season and night rain result in empty sunbeds.

    More photos of beaches find in our story.

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