Myanmar travel guide

Things to do in Mandalay
Mandalay is different from Yangon, it is not that charming and touristic, but it is really worth visiting.  Contents Things to do in Mandalay First day: explore the city of Mandalay Second... read more →
Inle lake: travel guide
Inle lake is a must-visit destination in Myanmar. I didn't fully understand why Inle lake is so popular among tourists, but now, after being there I could say this was one of the best experience in... read more →
The best of Myanmar
Several years ago, I thought that Myanmar has the only one place of interesting, the marvelous Bagan. But if look closer, it appears that Myanmar has a lot to see and to explore. Unfortunately, there... read more →
10 interesting facts about Myanmar
We have spent 27 days in Myanmar and here is a list of the most interesting facts about this incredible country that we have noticed by ourselves, read in the internet or in the book. 1. National dress Men... read more →
Top 10 temples in Bagan
We spent three days there, met one sunrise and two sunsets, drive 100 km around Bagan, saw many temples of different size and shapes and here are our favourite.  1. Dhammayangyi Pahto It looks... read more →
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