10 interesting facts about Albania
10 interesting facts about Albania
We have been travelling in Albania for 8 days (not too much of course) and noticed some interesting facts about this country. Hope you will find them useful: Policemen There are many policemen... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 8 (Gjirokaster)
Traveling to Albania: Day 8 (Gjirokaster)
Surprisingly, there was sunny morning after heavy rains at night and after the breakfast we went to swim in the sea. Sea was warm, but water was not clear. Then we left camping and went on to Gjirokaster. We... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 7 (Porto Palermo castle-Ksamil beach)
Traveling to Albania: Day 7 (Porto Palermo castle-Ksamil beach)
After the short swimming in the sea and breakfast we left Kraneo campsite and moved further. Today we are going to stay at the camping near well-known Ksamil beach beside the city of Sarande. There... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 6 (Llogara pass-Albanian riviera-campsite Kraneo)
Traveling to Albania: Day 6 (Llogara pass-Albanian riviera-campsite Kraneo)
The day starts with a generous and very tasty breakfast served by owners of the villa Lili (really recommend this place to stay if you are planning to overnight in Berat). Hostess packed a plate of home-made... read more →
What to do in Mostar
What to do in Mostar
Mostar is a splendid town situated in the valley surrounded by mountains. It is fifth-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and is said to be the cultural capital of Herzegovina region,  thus... read more →
What to do in Sarajevo
What to do in Sarajevo
We spent the whole day and one evening in Sarajevo and as for me it is enough for discovering the city. Center of Sarajevo is compact, but lovely and picturesque. It differs from other capitals in Europe... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 5 (Durres beache-Bashtova castle-Berat)
Traveling to Albania: Day 5 (Durres beache-Bashtova castle-Berat)
After breakfast we packed and moved in the direction to Durres. First we thought we will spend few hours in Tirana (visiting the capital of the country is usually a must for the most of travellers), but... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 4 (Lezhe castle-campsite Tirana)
Traveling to Albania: Day 4 (Lezhe castle-campsite Tirana)
After the breakfast we checked out and began the long ascend by gravel road from Theth valley. We were going to reach camping not far away from Tirane. On the way we were going to visit Lezhe castle. ... read more →
Traveling to Albania: Day 3 (Theth-Harapiti-Qafe e Pejes)
Traveling to Albania: Day 3 (Theth-Harapiti-Qafe e Pejes)
We had hiking the whole day around Harapiti mountains in Theth National Park. Albanian Alps are very picturesque and much more wild that ones in Europe. read more →
Trekking in Albania
Trekking in Albania
Distance : 20.0 km Hours spent: 11h 20min Starting height: 792m Max height:  1966m Average speed: 1.9km/hour During our travel in Albania we wanted to visit picturesque Albanian Alps. There... read more →
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